Contact person : Constance
Country : Royaume-Uni
City : London
Web site :
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Company model : Altgen is a workers co-operative that supports young people to set-up
co-operative businesses as an empowering solution to create a more equal, democratic and sustainable economy.
Date : 10.12.2015


Main business area : We are currently designing a model of a freelancers co-operative for young people in the the cultural industry. This is a model looking at improving the life condition of freelancers who will be benefiting from mutual support, admin, co-budgeting tools, as well as learning another culture of 'work'. A pilot project that we are launching in April 2016 that in our new co-working space in London.

Skills and training

What training do you offer? : Inspire - Facilitate - Support Young people o set-up co-operative businesses. We also run consultancy workshops for established co-operative businesses to look at their impact and membership model for young people.

We run workshop around collaboration - communication - power dynamics ...