Dear all,

thanks so much to the brave guys that came to Genova and joined the first european coop-working meeting that took place during Condiviso open day. For those who couldn't participate: we hope to see you next time!

During the meeting we spoke about business models (different ways of managing coworking), training and skills (what we are good at and what we'd like to learn from others), european networking and funding (it looks like erasmus+ could be a good source of funding for such a network). We just scratched the surface, the discussion is open and you are all welcome to contribute to it.

For the future we'll use this mailing list for details and communications (please let us know if you're not interested and want to unsubscribe) and we'll provide a single page website with a form to be filled in order to collect data, suggestions, ideas, proposals, etc. During the meeting it was suggested to set also up a wiki to draft documents collaboratively and avoid frequent circulation of emails and attachments; we'll add it to the website as soon as we have time to have it online.

The meeting was very productive and we shared ideas about coworking, cooperation, and the network itself. We agreed to share some files to better know each other and get more information about our local communities and business models (how does our space look like? how is it run? is it a cooperative? how many coworkers visit it? etc…).

By the way, we had an interesting conversation about the idea of a "coworking of coworkings", a (virtual) space to share ideas and projects and when possible have meetings and visit each other to learn and take part in interesting initiatives.

In the shared dropbox folder you will find useful documents and materials for the project. You'll get the invitation for it as soon as you tell us which email address you use for dropbox (if you don't have a dropbox account click on - it's a link to create a free account that will also grant me more space to be shared).

As soon as we have a few dropbox account to share the folder with, we'll draft some documents to start the collaborative work.

All the best,

Claudia and Lorenzo